While it is fun to see our classmates, this page is REALLY IMPORTANT for you to complete because it gives our team (and only our team) your contact information. 

We need your contact information to keep you up-to-date on Class News and Reunion Events.  

If you don't want your information displayed, just email the site administrator at "CONTACT US"(one of your classmates) and let them know.

We have a non-displayed list as well. We want and need you on one of these contact lists so that you can stay in touch with our class.
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Jill Abrams (Abend)
Hi, After WHS, I went to Bentley (BS in Marketing/Management and minor in computers).  Peter and I got married after I graduated in 1984 and we have been married for 25 years.  We went for our MBAs at Northeastern and finished in 1989.  We have 3 sons, Jason 21. Kevin 19, and Danny 16.  Jason and Kevin are at college in New London, CT at Mitchell. 
I worked at some small equipment leasing companies and then ended up at Wells Fargo Mortgage Corp. until Jason was born.  Since then, I have mostly worked out of the house and been very involved in the kids schools and our temple.
Looking forward to the reunion.
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Jeff Alpert
self employed 2
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Stacy Amato
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Executive Assistant 2
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Ann Hubbard (Anderson)
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Jeremy Ansell
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Manager, County Govt IT Dept and owner of Fort Collins PC
Terrific site - Really glad I found it and thanks to those who set it up.

After graduation, attended U Hartford and received AS degree before transfering to Colorado State in Fort Collins, CO.  Earned a Psychology degree and stayed on for a Computer Science degree as well.  Fort Collins is a great town.  Met Terra 10 years ago and we've been happily exploring the outdoors together ever since.  Avid mountain bikers, RVers, hikers, photographers, and stuff like that :-)

Again, great site and many thanks to the committee for building it.  Also, thanks to the folks setting up our reunion.  Please let me know if there's a way to donate.

Happy trails!  Jer
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Ginia Kiselica (Apostolacus)
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David Ardrey
National Account Manager - Arch Chemicals 2
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Karen Ashcroft Purguy
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full time mom 2
look forward to getting together after 30 yrs!!

thanks to those who are handling the event

lets try and make it local to westfield whs
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Lisa schulaner (Azran)
television producer 3
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Kathie Porta (Baker)
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freelance copyeditor 1
After 20 years in nonprofit scholarly publishing, I struck out on my own in 2007 and have been happily self-employed as a freelance copyeditor since then. In April, my husband Wes and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary. We have 1 daughter, Wendy (16). Send Kathie a MessageSend Kathie a Message
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